Jesse G. Clothing


The Jesse G. Story

In December 2012, a good friend of ours gave us an invitation. She and her family adopted a baby boy from Ethiopia two years earlier, and she wanted to take a team back to serve the community.  She invited us to join the team she was putting together. It didn't take us long to respond with an enthusiastic "YES!"

We wanted to be ready. The next few months were spent preparing for the trip through research and conversation. What we learned about the living conditions in Ethiopia, especially in the lives of the youth, overwhelmed us. Thousands of children are living without one or both parents, and many of them struggle to survive on the streets. How could we know of these situations and not follow up with action?

We couldn't. We wanted to do something about it. Thus, an idea was born. We combined our passion of helping these children with our interest in fashion and created a clothing line. In honor of our friend's son, Jesse Getiso, we named it Jesse G. Clothing.  

Our time spent in Ethiopia fueled the fire. We spent time at adoption homes, youth centers, and rehabilitation centers. Many children were hiding stories behind their smiling faces. Witnessing the extreme poverty and terrible conditions inspired us. We wanted to change lives.

Experiencing the devastation in various locations drove us to develop two-month “Projects.” Through our Projects, we are able to reach out to as many children as possible. With every purchase, you are changing the life of a child in need.

That is why Jesse G. Clothing is the clothing line that’s “Not Just For You."

-Riley L. Rapp and Hannah M. Blachly, Members of the Jesse G. Team